The Prodigal Son and Christian Worldview

The Prodigal Son and Christian WorldviewLuke 15:11-24

  • This is one of three parables about finding what is lost. The scribes and Pharisees were complaining about Jesus’ association with tax collectors and sinners.
  • “A certain man had two sons” when you read this, you should immediately realize that Jesus will be talking about two different points.
    Asked for his inheritance, which could be paid out any time
    b. The son already started with access to all of the Father’s riches…
    1. Isn’t that our story too? When we come to God, we have all
    c. The son made the conscious decision to leave the father
    1. Fellowship was lost
    2. Provision was lost
    3. Protection was lost
    1. How does that compare to when we stray?
    d. The effects of absence fro the father was beginning to mount – he
    fell as far as he could possibly fall.
    1. He did not forsee his fall (youth connection….)
    2. He did not intend to fall
    3. He did what he could to stop the fall
    4. The process was gradual and continual
  • It was at this point that the son realized the need for the father
    The son recognized the problem was sin and he was willing to do
    whatever was necessary in order to restore his fellowship
  • The Father’s Story
    The father was left at home, his child left him
    b. He had another son, but he never stopped loving the one who left
    c. He never stopped hoping and looking for the son to return
    d. As soon as the son did return, he did four things
    1. He accepted him (kiss)
    2. He cleansed him (the robe)
    – Not work clothes
    3. He marked him a child again (ring)
    – Not the yoke of slavery
    4. He marked him as a member of the family (sandals)
    -Slaves had bare feet
  • Once a son – always a son. The father never gave the son the option of returning as a slave. He had been and always would be his child and he treated him accordingly.
  1. The father had every right to reject the son and refuse to allow him to return, but he chose not to.
  • What is a worldview?
    1. the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society’s knowledge and point of view.
    2. The way that we view morality, knowledge and our point of view…
      1. Academia says truth is relative, but Jesus says he is truth
    3. The way that we act is indicative of our own worldview.
  • What was the worldview of the son?
    – How do you know? Cite scripture…
  • What was the worldview of the father?
    – How do you know? Cite scripture?
  • So often, our worldviews are encroached upon by the secular world. We adopt the mores, folkways and values of the culture and redefine our faith in order to meet the needs of society.
    1. Muslims worship the same God? (ABSOLUTELY NOT!)
    2. Universalism? (WRONG!)
    3. Gay Marriage? – God loves everyone and wants everyone to be happy… (WRONG!)
  • How do we ensure that the world does not encroach on our worldview?
    1. Know the Bible and what the Bible has to say about each topic.
    2. Know your opinion, based on the Bible about that topic
    3. Study it, and be ready to give your thoughts.
  • As Christians, the Prodigal Son in one way or another represents us all. We leave the fellowship, provision and protection of our families, the Church and God. It mirrors the creation story…
    1. The fall, willful sin, the effects of sin destroy us, and we need the Holy Ghost to convict us.
  • God’s story:
    1. He never stopped loving us, we are his creation
    2. He began to prepare a way to restore us
    3. He desires for us to return

Sin will take you father than you want to go, cost you more than you want to pay, and keep you longer than you want to stay.


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