Confessions of a Christian

Here is a beautiful post written by my amazing wife… She is truly an inspiration in all walks to life.

The Life of Love

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I failed to tell you that without Christ, I am nothing. I’m sorry that I talk about so many different things with you but I failed to tell you the most important person in my life is Jesus. I cannot imagine living without Him and I don’t want you to live without Him either and this is why:

  1. He provides for me- even the little things. It’s the little things that mean so much. I guess because sometimes we think God is so magnificent and greater that we usually think He’s got more important things to deal with. But He loves His children.
  2. He guides me. There have been times I haven’t felt His guiding but I’m pretty sure it’s because I couldn’t accept that He had already told me the way to go and I wanted constant confirmation, but that requires little faith and God…

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