The Power of Story (OC14)

This has been on my mind lately. I had the opportunity to see Heather Zempel speak at Orange Conference 2014 and she was incredible. I hope that you see how important it is to employ the ‘power of story’ when you share the Gospel.

Steve Cullum

Photo via National Community Church Photo via National Community Church There is amazing power in a story. Heather Zempel knows this. Her workshop at the Orange Conference 2014. She started out focusing on the story from Mark 2 about the group of friends who transported their friend to Jesus through the roof of a house. So often, we skip right over the fact that these guys dug a big hole through someone’s house to do this. Heather talked about picturing Jesus down below with stuff falling on his head. Then, she goes on to point out two important things in this story:

  • The man’s mat was the symbol of everything wrong in this guy’s life.
  • The faith of the man’s friends allowed him to walk away with a new life.

So often, Heather teaches, we focus on a lot of the morality of the Bible, but we miss the context of the story. The story of…

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